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Welcome to the official LIVING-DEAD BOY website, freaks!


Greetings, freaks, my name is Brandon Lee. I record my own music, sometimes with the help of friends and family. I have my own recording studio in my basement that i use to record. I sing and play the guitar, the bass, the keyboard, and the drums. I record my own original music as well as cover songs of my favorite bands and artists. When I play live I either play my acoustic guitar and use a looping pedal or have a few friends help out by playing other instruments alongside me.



Living-Dead Boy is a band that aims to reach the people of the musically varied, from the rockers, to the christians, to the backwoods folks, to the rappers. We are the people of the open minds. We are the ones from which legends are made. We are the cure to this broken nation.




We are the freaks.

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